Mahalla is not alone! لن نترك المحلة تواجه القمع وحدها – زيارة إلى المحلة لفك الحصار

10 April 2008 | 02:58

Activists in Cairo are organizing a trip, Friday morning, in solidarity with the citizen of Mahalla, in an effort to break the police siege on the Nile Delta town… More details here…

Fellow journalists, bloggers, please join in and bring along your digital cameras.. We cannot be satisfied only with spreading the word, we need to spread the “image” too.. The latter speaks more powerfully than 1000 words… My belief and faith in Mahalla, though built slowly over a decade of my involvement with the socialist movement, was only affirmed when I “saw” these photos with my own eyes! Reading about Mahalla in action was something, but “seeing” it was totally different (and of course it would have been something else if I was physically present there, which unfortunately I wasn’t). And for the past day, I’ve been shivering with adrenaline filling my body each time I see this or that.. These images have to reach all the people we know inside and outside of Egypt.. Images play a central role in unleashing and furthering the radicalization of the masses, and it’s no wonder that our cameras are usually the first target of Mubarak’s pigs
Whatever videos you take, go ahead and upload them to The Hub, YouTube, or whatever other video uploading services (and there are tons of them now).. Also please upload whatever photos you take to Flickr (which is the one I’m most familiar with) or any other website you deem user-friendly.. Just put them online somewhere and email me the link… I appreciate those who generously email me photos they take, but I’ll be happier if you yourselves start uploading them to the net…

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