2 responses to “#SidiBouzid إستمرار المسيرات في عدد من المحافظات التونسية

  1. Congratulations to the people of Egypt for (finally) taking matters into their own hands! Now i would like to come and see your country and your most excellent historic treasures.
    Let us hope that the people of Lybia will do as you did and get rid of monsieur Khadaffi, and liberalise their country and politics.
    We in the west have grown used to the leaders of Arab countries, not only now but in history too – so much so, that we thought it was for all times and inescapable – and therefore we were sort of happy to do business with the old leaders, when we should have been thinking again. I was in Tunisia twice as a young person, and was baffled to find so much repression (very well concealed, I give them that), but I talked to some people of my age and they opened their minds to me sometimes. This has led me to know that the people really did not want their sort of government (Habib Bourguiba in those days), but did not know what to do about it and probably felt they could not hope of help from abroad.
    Anyway, well done again and my best wishes.

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