#Jan25 إلى الإخوة الجزائريين .. لقنا عمرو أديب الدرس الذي يستحقه

9 February 2011 | 03:34

Yesterday, the sensationalist buffoon, Amr Adeeb, who almost ignited a war between Egypt and Algeria over a football match, who always rallied to the defense of Mubarak and the regime, tried to show up in Tahrir Square, in an opportunist move. He was expelled immediately by the revolutionaries in Tahrir…

And on behalf of the Egyptian people, I’d like to apologize to our Algerian brothers and sisters for all the filth Adeeb said about the Algerian nation last November.

7 responses to “#Jan25 إلى الإخوة الجزائريين .. لقنا عمرو أديب الدرس الذي يستحقه

  1. لم نشك فيكم يوما يا أحرار
    واصلوا.. من أخوك الجزائري

  2. شكرا اخى. عمر اديب كان عامل مفرق للعرب و كان يهاجم اي انسان قومى. متملق من الدرجة الاولى

  3. Thx Bro !
    We are brothers. You led the way in the past. Hang on and fight. Mibarak gone, it would be Algeria’s time !

  4. Apologies accepted kho ;-)

    Good luck on the fight and may whole North Africa be freed the soonest possible.

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