One response to “#Jan25 تغيير اسم محطة مترو مبارك إلى شهداء ٢٥ يناير

  1. A sort of Cairo Banksy but civic minded.

    Momentarily I thought the lower set of script was in Hebrew. Now that would have been something! But then I realized it is a stylized Arabic script. Right?

    If we keep this up, the possibilities are endless.

    Instead of handing off to others our civic responsibilities, all the way up through to the pinnacle of government, as in representative democracy, where we allow others to make decisions of our behalf, the result of which is that voter turnout is low, we accept for ourselves our responsibilities, as in participatory democracy.

    If you don’t like something someone else did, don’t destroy it, don’t vandalize it, change it. Do something better.

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