#Jan25 Police brutality continues والشرطة مازالت تمارس العنف

24 February 2011 | 15:28

A fight broke out today between a microbus driver and a police officer, Ashraf el-Saggini, in Maadi’s Algeria Square. The fight was over the right of way. Officer Ashraf pulled his gun and shot dead the driver. The citizens attacked the police van, set it on fire after beating the officer and his soldiers, and handed them over to the army. There are protests taking place as I’m writing now.

There is also a police crackdown on protesters in Wadi el-Gadid, and some of a number of Sinai citizens who’s just been released are now in detention again.

So much for change… Wake up people, the regime is still alive and well.. The revolution must continue…

UPDATE: The driver hasn’t died, as reported by Youm7 and Ahram, but he’s been critically injured.

3 responses to “#Jan25 Police brutality continues والشرطة مازالت تمارس العنف

  1. People should not be walking around the streets with guns.
    Police should not be armed. Trained police would be able to have use of arms for specific difficult occasions – but only by special permission.

  2. I would like to know the name of the man shot….it is important to note the names not only of the villians but also, and possibly nmore memorably, the victims…thank you.

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