SS General Mortada Ibrahim لواء أمن دولة مرتضى إبراهيم

24 March 2011 | 06:57
From SS Officers

One of the sets of photos I found on the Nasr City SS DVDs, was that of General Mortada Ibrahim. The general hails from a powerful Upper Egyptian family, accused by some of using the general’s influence to grab more land.

From SS Officers

General Ibrahim was promoted in 2004 to become the Interior Minister’s Assistant, heading إدارة المساعدات الفنية the “Technical Assistance Department.” This department is in charge of surveillance, phone tapping of citizens, dissidents and government officials alike. The infamous reputation of this department reached the extent that the state-run Akhbar el-Youm reported (after the revolution of course) a conversation between General Ibrahim and another senior police official, whereby General Ibrahim said: “I listen to your breathing, even when I’m asleep.”

From SS Officers

Instead of putting him on trial for running this fearsome apparatus that invaded the private lives of millions of Egyptian citizens a day, General Ibrahim has been rewarded by Essam Sharaf’s cabinet a new post in the “revolutionary government” as the Interior Minister’s Assistant for Research and Planning.

The police musical chairs little game continues…

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