SCAF to meet anti-torture activists, receive reports of abuses

13 June 2011 | 06:40

I did not blog about my summoning to the military tribunal coz this issue was already covered extensively in the mainstream and social media circles, and I did not have more to say about that day.

But just few quick points, since there are new developments:

– I went to the military prosecutor initially as an “accused” person and Rime Maged was a “witness,” based on a complaint from General Hamdi Badeen, the head of the military police, about my “torture allegations” against his men. The tone completely changed after roughly 20 mins into the conversation with General Adel el-Morsi, the head of the military judicial branch, and the situation became different: Rime and I were invited for “coffee and chat,” and I was asked to hand in whatever information I had on abuses by the military police to the military prosecutors to investigate.

– I made it clear when I appeared on Rime’s OnTV talk show, that my accusations against the military police were based on evidence already documented by local and international rights watchdogs, activists and is available online on several websites. Testimonies of the victims, I also explained on TV and during my “chat” with General Morsi, were already available on Youtube. Moreover, requests for investigating a number of these cases had already been filed to both the public and military prosecutor, but nothing ever came out.

– In all cases, we left the military prosecutor’s office, with a promise that the lawyers were to return again with a file of violations that needed to be looked into re military police and military courts. My lawyers, whom I want to thank again, were from a number of human rights organizations, some of whom have been working closely with the awesome activists of “Against Military Trials of Civilians” group.

– As the lawyers continued to work on the file to be handed to the military prosecutors, the Supreme Council of Armed Forces, surprisingly asked for a meeting with representatives from the Against Military Trials of Civilians group, to discuss the violations the activists have been exposing and campaigning against bravely for months.

– The activists will meet the SCAF representatives this morning, with a set of clear demands including investigating the abuses committed by the military police. Whatever information about MP abuses I’ve been gathering in the past period of time has been passed to the group, in addition to the tons of cases they’ve already been documenting.

– The activists will issue a statement as soon as the meeting with the military council is over to let us know what went on.

– It is my own personal conviction and that of many others that SCAF is already familiar with the ongoing abuses, since they are clearly systematic. But the only reason I was released the day I was summoned, and the only reason those generals are meeting the anti-torture activists, is that they are coming under heavy pressure at the moment. And that pressure needs to continue till the military tribunals come to halt and those military police officials involved in torture are held accountable.

2 responses to “SCAF to meet anti-torture activists, receive reports of abuses

  1. I’m still somewhat skeptical regarding this meeting. I know other members of the group share my concerns. We fear that at at worst, SCAF will simply use the meeting to help further legitimize themselves by meeting with the one group that has consistently rejected Military logic, and in return will offer us nothing but an unwelcome and unnecessary lecture. At best, I fear that we will get a short-term gain – in that they might release a few detainees – but that by doing so – they will milk the release as demonstrating that they are reasonable people who can be moderate and can compromise when necessary – making it all that more permissible for them to capture dozens, if not hundreds more later.

    I don’t think it’s smart to go for short-term gains when SCAF is so clearly playing for the long term, and we have evidence to prove that they are, in fact, playing a long term game. The re-wording of Article 60 in the Constitutional Declaration indicates that, as does the announcement of the new Al Masdar TV station. Nobody who’s planning to abdicate or relinquish power anytime soon invests that much in the future.

    It seems more and more likely that the SCAF will go about it’s rather unoriginal plan which we’ve all come to expect – that they will keep pumping up the bogey-man – in this case the Muslim Brotherhood and now – for our viewing pleasure – Israeli Spies!!! So that they can sweep in to the rescue – as they did after the Post-Revolution security vacuum – and ‘protect’ Egypt – to our collective applause! To Egyptians they would have saved Egypt from the destructive forces of a revolution that was partially Israeli-driven! And to the world at large they would have saved the Middle East from an Islamic Egypt! Amen!

    It sounds ridiculous, but then again, so does Shaheen when he yells at us that 80% of Egyptians voted for the SCAF – as though we had presidential elections and SCAF won!

    Anyway – we’ll see how it goes,

    The Revolution Must Go On…

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