Ismail Marzouk [19 Dec 1978 – 2 Aug 2011] إسماعيل مرزوق

2 August 2011 | 23:20

Ismail Marzouk إسماعيل مرزوق

Ismail Marzouk, one of Egypt’s leading technical diving instructors, has died today in Daedalus, during a wreck dive. He was 33. His body was never recovered.

As a young Cairo law student, Ismail was active with the socialist movement, before moving to the Red Sea where he worked in eco-tourism, learned diving and quickly became one of the most prominent IANTD instructors in the Red Sea. I spent weeks with Ismail last winter in Hurghada, where he introduced me to technical diving. His hospitality, sense of humor were unmatched. His home in Hurghada, I felt, was mine too thanks to his warm fraternal personality. Ismail, who passionately supported the revolution, has also been active in the ongoing efforts to unionize Egypt’s divers.

He is survived by his wife, Jude, and baby daughter, Aisha. He will be terribly missed by his family and friends. Rest in peace, Ismail.

28 responses to “Ismail Marzouk [19 Dec 1978 – 2 Aug 2011] إسماعيل مرزوق

  1. You have been a great diver, its hard to believe it but unfortunately its true…you have been such a good and sensible person, we did so many great dives together…and now the sea took you back forever…I am deeply touched and you will always have a place in me Ismail. I wish Judith, Aisha and your families all my sincere condolences and strenght…, if I can be of any help please let me know… Rest in Peace buddy….

  2. sorry to hear about this terrible loss of a great diver :(
    and may the family,and close friends find the strenght and comfort with eachother

    Rest in Peace

    (rescue diver)

  3. Ismail.
    I never got to know you.
    Judith spoke with love about you and i would have liked the man behind the story’s.

    Know that we will watch over her and you’re little girl.

    R.I.P. mate

  4. I’ll remember Ismael as a passionate men, full of life, enthusiastic about what was going on and what will and can be done. I dived with him, shared a common attraction towards the ocean. But also spoke about Egypt, the futur of Egypt, his futur with his family, and all the projects Ismail had and was looking at with bright eyes.
    All my thoughts go to Judith and Aisha.

    Whoever loves for years / hasn’t lived in vain


  5. Hi comrade,

    I have to talk to you on the phone asap. How can I reach you. Pls, reply me.

  6. R.I.P. Ismail, keep an eye on us when we are near you in the water. Sincere condolences to his wife and baby, …

  7. very difficult for me to believe and to acept that a so great diver and a so great guy disapeared too early.

    My thoughts to his family.


  8. We had the pleasure to share many fun dives with Ismail, and also the luck of working with him until extremely recently…one of the top professional Egyptian tech divers we ever had a chance to work with, and a thorough organizer, extremely active in environmental issues, a kind and sensitive friend.
    Ismail will be missed, a great loss to the Red Sea diving community.

  9. we only had the pleasure of knowing Ismail for 1 week. He made us feel very welcome on the boat and informed and safe on our dives. A truly sad loss. He will be greatly missed. Our thoughts are with his family and friends at this terrible time. J & K.

  10. I never had the pleasure to meet you but you are clearly an inspiration to lesser divers who also love the underwater world.
    My sincere condolences to your family.

  11. I called Ismail once after you gave me his number when my best friend was suffering from decomp sickness and I was very far. Ismail was so concerned and helpful with something I took lightly. In a way his advice saved my friend’s life or at least saved him a lot of pain.
    Rest in peace Ismail and thank you for your dedication and compassion

  12. Shocked.

    Great diver, nice guy. Made a mark in many people’s lives.
    Died doing something he loved. May those he left behind find peace in a time of sadness.


  13. Its a big shock for Judith, Aisha, Family and Friends.

    Juut was a friend of us in Holland with riding horse.

    Ismail rest in peace

  14. I feel so sorry and sad! He was the first I met starting my job in IANTD Egypt, he came with his wife and they were waiting Aisha … He was such a nice person, so passionate in everyhing he did.

  15. I’ll never forget the time we had on board last winter as the best combination of company and experience. Ismail with his enthusiasm made everyone enjoy this thread of days in the sea. For he was and will keep on be a source of inspiritaion to me when it comes to explore life underwater. Respect to this great man and diver. R.I.P.

  16. What a terrible loss!

    Judith and Aisha i’m thinking of you! wish you strength in this sad sad time!

    Lots of Love

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