One response to “سامح نجيب: التحرير والانتخابات و مستقبل الثورة

  1. Hi,
    Interesting speech even if I don´t agree with some of the arguments but it is still an excellent try to look into the future of egypt, while others are only looking in the present or in the past.
    I also think that we are now at the beginning of a new era with a lot of new chances and hopes.
    The little I heard about the project “Nahdet Masr” is very convincing and promising.
    I am therefore very optimist despite the developments in the last weeks and months but I really hope we don´t repeat the mistakes done by the leaders of egypt who turned every body who has a different view, a different thinking or a different interest into their own enemies.
    We should have learned by now, that if you decide to destroy the imperialism, the communism, the zionism, the “Rageeya”, the “Eqtaaa”, the americans and the russians and the saudis and the iranians
    and .. and ..,if you consider all of these as your enemies, then you should not wonder when they work against you.

    I am optimist that the new revolution have learned from the mistakes of the old one and knows very well that what it needs is a lot of friends and partners and not a lot of enemies.
    The new revolutiion will find a way for the future and use egypt´s huge energies, resources and potential to develop our country and provide a better future for our children What is needed now is a lot of dialog to understand the needs and the fears of every body. Those of the rich people and those of the poor,
    those of the military and the civilians, of the copts and the muslims, those of the saudis and the iranians, those of the east and those of the west, those of the shiites and those of the sunnis, those of the palestinians and those of the israelians.

    Egypt can now establish a bright future, without fighting against its neighbours or against any major powers and also without
    having to throw its own young people to jail

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