Telecommunication Revolution

12 February 2012 | 20:24

In a country of roughly 85 million people, one third of whom are illiterate, you still get the following…

The number of mobile phone subscriptions in Egypt grew by 22 per cent to 81.7 million users in the year to November, government figures showed on Sunday.
The number of mobile phone subscriptions in October was 80.9 million.
In November 2010, Egypt’s three mobile operators, Etisalat Egypt, Mobinil and the Egyptian unit of Vodafone, had 66.87 million subscriptions.

This is another example of Trotsky’s theory of the “combined and uneven development”... and talk of the potential outreach one must strategize for as a political activist. The telecommunication revolution does pose concrete questions as well as vast opportunities for the socialist movement.

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