State cracks down on Delta Fertilizers sit-in, rejects worker demands, holds 8 in remand detention

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From Mada Masr:

Protesting workers at a branch of the state-owned Delta Company for Fertilizers and Chemical Industries have found themselves subject to a staunch crackdown, including the arrest of at least 13 workers since last week.
Workers at the company’s Daqahlia branch are nevertheless entering the second month of a continuous sit-in in opposition to the closure and relocation of their workplace to Suez.
On Sunday, eight of the 13 workers who were arrested last week were brought before the State Security Prosecution in Cairo, where they were issued with 15-day remand detention orders, according to a current member of the company’s trade union committee who spoke to Mada Masr on condition of anonymity. The charges the workers face remain unknown.