Year: 2008

  • The Mummy

    I watched Mubarak’s speech today on TV. He looked like some mummy! I never saw him as pale and weak as he was today. He could hardly keep his eyes open, and just looked like some wax statue.

  • Police crack down on pro-Gaza protest; Activists detained; Photographers assaulted

    Police cracked down on the pro-Gaza protest at the Doctors’ Syndicate, rounding up a number of protesters (I still don’t have accurate figures, but they are more than 14). The police also assaulted photographers, including El-Badeel’s Ahmad Maarouf, confiscating his memory card after threatening to smash his camera. The 12 October photographers’ protest against police […]

  • Aid to Gaza

    The Center for Socialist Studies managed to mobilize a small caravan aid that crossed yesterday into Gaza… It’s expected on Thursday another aid caravan will take off to Palestine, but I’m awaiting confirmation, as activists are now trying to coordinate relief efforts and will be meeting today 5:30pm at HMLC.

  • Press Syndicate demo

    There is a demonstration taking place now in front of the Press Syndicate, which started around an hour ago. I’m told there are 2000+ protesters, largely MBs. And according to Jaikus I’m receiving the MBs are intervening and silencing anyone who’s chanting “Down with Hosni Mubarak” and are segregating the men from women protesters. DISGUSTING! […]