A paranoid regime

I got this message from a BBC source:

A team from BBC Arabic was in Cairo to record a big prog about elections, with audience and invited parliamentary candidates, including MB of course. They agreed with a local video company, booked studio and in the last minute .. guess what? The company got a phone call , and the whole thing was canceled on spurious grounds of course. now they are coming home empty-handed.
If any further evidence was needed for the govt growing paranoia.

Police clash with coptic protesters in Giza; 1 killed

Police violently clashed with Coptic protesters in Omraniya, Wednesday morning, after hundreds demonstrated in front of the Giza Governorate HQ, denouncing the authorities’ halt of a church construction. At least one protester was killed, more than 50 were injured.

A journalist friend present in the scene confirmed there was a number of Muslim protesters who also joined the rioting against the police in solidarity. Moreover, the Coptic protesters chanted “Long live the Cross with the Crescent” – a 1919 revolution slogan that supports national unity against the oppressor.

One of the eyewitnesses, in the Al-Jazeera report below, also said that the Copts made it clear they “had no quarrels with Muslims, only with the government.”