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‘We must develop a new Communist reporter’

Zinoviev wrote for the Communist International to the editors of Communist papers in 1921. He complained that: Our papers are too dry, too abstract, too similar to papers of the old type. They are made up too much of what is of interest to the professional politicians, and contain very little of such items as

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Egypt: Strikes! Strikes! Strikes!

While international media coverage of Egypt is still largely obsessed with the Muhammad movie fallout, almost every sector in the country is going strike literally from Alexandria to Aswan, together with shutting down of a large number of schools due to a teachers national strike, simultaneously with shutting down the universities due to workers strikes

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#RevSoc Self sacrifice, dedication to the cause

I first read this footnote in the summer of 1998 and it never left my mind. Describing the Bolsheviks’ printshop in 1905, Tony Cliff writes: This was by far the largest underground printing press in Russia and was literally underground – in a cellar. The printers were seven self-sacrificing party members. They worked 10 hours

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