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Torture Inc.

In a world of instability – revolutions, wars, imperial interventions, economic crisis – this leviathan can neither be tamed nor reshaped into something that adheres to the principles of human rights. This leviathan has to be resisted and destroyed. Only then will a torture-free world be possible.

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Awaiting a change in the tide

At time of writing, 4,000 workers in Helwan’s steel mills, south of Cairo, are on strike over pay and claims of corruption among its state management. Strikes have occurred since the military coup, such as the mass strikes over national minimum wage in February 2014, but they are unlikely to cross over from the economic

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Socialism or Barbarism

Terrorism–fueled by state violence, extra-judicial killings and ethnic tensions–has become dramatically more deadly and more widespread across the globe with a 60% rise in the number of deaths and countries affected by major attacks, a study has found.

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