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Establishing El Gouna

Via NASA… Developers were not content to simply build on the existing landscape. To give seaside views and easy access to the water to as many El Gouna residents and guests as possible, builders dredged huge amounts of sand from coastal bays and inlets to sculpt the canals, marinas, hotels, and artificial islands of the

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Daedalus Hammerheads

Video footage from our last diving safari trip, with Red Sea Explorers, taken by Danish GUE instructor Jesper Kjøller, during our visit to Daedalus Reef, 16 July 2015. Hammerhead sharks were swimming gracefully in a school, heading out to the open blue.

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BDS Egypt launched

Activists from the Revolutionary Socialists, 6 April Youth, Ad-Dustour Party, and several other groups as well as independent figures, gathered today at Cairo’s Press Syndicate to launch BDS Egypt.

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