Al-Jazeera Egypt coverage


It will be interesting to observe Al-Jazeera Egypt coverage in the coming period:

A Qatari foreign ministry official pledged in a meeting with Egyptian and Emirati security officials on Saturday that Qatar would not interfere in Egypt’s internal affairs, two Egyptian intelligence sources told Reuters.
He also pledged a change of orientation for Qatar’s al-Jazeera television channel, which is state-funded, and state-owned media outlets towards Cairo, the sources said.
Qatar’s foreign minister had said in televised remarks after the Arab deal was announced that Al Jazeera is an independent media institution.
The Egyptian intelligence sources also said the officials agreed on economic cooperation and a series of meetings on outstanding issues such as Libya and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Via Reuters.

‘People are hungry’: Why Tunisia’s youth are taking to the streets


Unemployment – especially among the young – falling living standards and lockdowns have sparked riots across the cradle of the Arab Spring, reports the Guardian.

I have said it numerous times, and people usually get upset: The revolution in Tunisia has failed (co-opted).

Yes, they didn’t witness massacres (thankfully) like Egypt, Syria and elsewhere. They have relatively fair elections. But the two main factors that triggered the revolt (police repression and social inequalities) remain unchanged, if not worsened.

It’s interesting also to follow the coverage of Al-Jazeera and Al-Arabi of the recent protests. They have been focusing largely on the “sabotage and destruction of public property,” adopting the conspiratorial narrative of the Tunisian state re “outside forces exploiting the Tunisian youth” etc.