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I went together with some blogger friends to an iftar and hung out briefly yesterday with the Kafr Elw residents, in their new flats in Helwan’s El-Mothalath neighborhood. Everyone is full of joy, power and self-confidence following months of victorious struggle to force the government into compensating them for their demolished homes. I first met

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Kafr Elw residents score victory

Farah was with the Kafr Elw residents when they received the keys for their new flats. Try to spend sometime browsing the set of pix I took of the residents last December, when their struggle started, and the one taken by Farah. It’s easy to identify the women and men from last year, but their

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Victory for Kafr Elw residents

Great news! After nine months of campaigning since last December, demonstrations, clashes with the police and Suzi’s pigs, the Kafr Elw victims will be receiving their new flats from the Maadi local council today 10am, 77 el-Maadi el-Qadima Street, in front of el-Rayyan hospital. Mabrouk! Demonstrations and strikes are indeed the only language the government

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