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Transport workers meeting

I attended yesterday a small celebration gathering hosted by the local branch of the Nasserist Party in Ezbet el-Nakhl, north of Cairo, that included some of the Public Transport strike leaders, activist lawyers and journalists. Abdel Ghani, Imbaba Garage: “The Mahalla workers and the textile strikes taught all Egyptian workers how to strike and to

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Socialist lawyer Haitham Mohammadein, calming down Tarek Mostafa, assuring the latter the free union papers were received by the Labor Ministry’s officials.

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Suez pig gets 15 years for murder

Sarah Carr reports: A low ranking police officer who fatally shot a man has been sentenced to 15 years imprisonment. Alaa Tharwat Abdel Maqsoud was convicted yesterday by a court in Suez of murdering Muhammad Nasr Ibrahim. According to the Torture in Egypt website, Ibrahim, a milkman was killed after an altercation over a driving

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