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The Central Security Forces

This (Arabic) study is one of the most accurate and detailed reports, I’ve come across, on the evolution of the Egyptian Interior Ministry’s Central Security Forces: UPDATE: I was honored to speak with the author of the study, in a Zoom meeting.

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Egypt’s 1968: The revival of street politics

Above is Chapter IV of the MA Thesis I wrote 10 years ago, when studying at the American University in Cairo’s Political Science department. This chapter discusses the revival of the student movement following the 1967 defeat. Of course reading it today I wish if I would have edited some parts, changed the lingo here

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The almighty Israeli spies

When students and workers took to the streets in Alexandria, November 1968, denouncing the Nasserist regime, the state-run media announced the arrest of Israeli spies who were involved in the agitation for the protests (Arab Report and Record, 1-15 December 1968: 399). My mother, who took part in the 1971-2 student protests against Sadat, recalls

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