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The army’s whip كرباج العسكر

A photo of the brave US-sponsored army special forces banning protesters from marching in the symbolic funeral of 23 year old Muhammad Mohsen, who died in the Abbassiya clashes that broke out thanks to the army’s incitement against Tahrir protesters. Note how this army officer in the front is carrying a whip!

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When murderers are treated with respect

The regime never forgets its loyal men. Adly receives salutes from officers in his prison, as reported repeatedly in the local press. And in the videos above and below, you can see the army treating Adly, the security chiefs and Mubarak’s sons with all respect and smiles. Compare this treatment to the welcome parties ordinary

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Egypt’s Nazis to declare a party?

Congrats everyone. After dissolving the National Democratic Party, Egypt is to officially have its first Nazi Party, which regards “Arabs as the master race, and the working classes should not have the right to express their views.” Now I want the 5,000 members’ names of the bastards who will establish this party to be published

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