Support Khaled Abol Naga

One of Egypt’s leading actors, Khaled Abol Naga, is currently facing a smearing campaign from the regime propagandists in state and private TV, after he called on President Sisi to leave and lashed out against his police state.

One of the regime cronies, Lawyer Samir Sabry, has even filed a lawsuit asking the authorities to strip Abol Naga off his Egyptian nationality and prosecute him on charges of “high treason.”

This is part of the McCarthyist atmosphere Egypt is living in today, with continuous witch-hunt against anyone and anything related to the #Jan25 Revolution.

Abol Naga is not only a great artist, but also has always sided with just political causes, before and after the revolution. For example, in the video below, Abol Naga, extends his solidarity to the 2 May 2010 labor protest for a national minimum wage.

My solidarity goes to Abol Naga.