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Sinai Bedouins support the #Jan25 Revolution

Statement by representatives of the majority of the tribes of North and South Sinai, regarding the Egyptian Revolution. They support the revolution and pledge to protect the eastern borders of Egypt, calling for prosecuting the police officials involved in murdering protesting, the immediate lifting of the emergency law and asserting their ownership of the Sinai

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Bedouins to hold conference demanding justice

The Daily News Egypt reports… The Bedouins in Sinai plan to arrange a conference on Monday to demand justice from authorities for the victims of recent violent clashes between tribes and security forces near the Egypt-Israeli border. According to sources in the area, heads of the tribes met Friday to decide on the representatives who

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Pigs obstruct Bedouin conference

From the Daily News Egypt: Heightened security in North Sinai led to the delay of a proposed conference of Bedouin tribes in which they planned to make demands from the Egyptian government. Earlier on Friday, hundreds of Bedouins had driven through towns between Rafah and Sheikh Zowayed to announce the conference, which was scheduled to

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