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Piggipedia updates: Monks’ torturer promoted

General Khaled Abdel Hamid was promoted to the post of Luxor Security Director. He’s the officer who led the investigation into the infamous murder case of a Coptic monk, which included horrific torture and confessions extracted abusing suspects.

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Religion in service of the state

Just like in April 2008, and 25 January 2011, both Al-Azhar and the Coptic Church, the two main arms of the state’s religious establishment, have come out to denounce the calls for general strike and civil disobedience planned on 11 February 2012. Add to the list of course, the Muslim Brotherhood. Their leadership did not

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Marching on Maspero

Hundreds marched on Thursday night from the High Court, in Ramses, through downtown Cairo streets, ending in Maspero, where the State TV is located, denouncing the sectarian massacre perpetrated by the Egyptian army against (mostly) Coptic protesters on 9 October, 2011. Protesters called for holding the SCAF accountable as well as the State TV officials

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