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Cyberpunk needs a reboot

Cyberpunk once stood out as a vital genre of anti-capitalist fiction. Today, it’s been reduced to a cool retro aesthetic easily appropriated by the world’s second-richest man to market ugly Blade Runner–inspired trucks to nostalgia-driven Gen Xers, writes Ryan Zickgraf.

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#RevSoc Visualizing propaganda and agitation

Leon Trotsky, “Vodka, the Church, and the Cinema” 12 July, 1923: The most important weapon in this respect, a weapon excelling any other, is at present the cinema. This amazing spectacular innovation has cut into human life with a successful rapidity never experienced in the past. In the daily life of capitalist towns, the cinema

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#PostJan25 changing times

أمي:رايح فين يبني؟ أنا:رايح الجامعة يا ماما و بعدين رايح مظاهرة. أمي:طيب ما تتأخرش علشان نتفرج علي أيمن نور بليل علي أون تيفي#PostJan25 #fb — CVirus (@CVirus) April 28, 2011 My friend Muhammad tweeting about a conversation between him and his mother: My Mom: Where are you going son? Me: I’m going to university, then

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