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On Riots, Violence, Sabotage: Denmark and the US Ghetto Intifadas

“The good news is that we’ve made a lot of arrests”… thus spoke Michael Hoejer, the Danish deputy national police commissioner, to the public on the ongoing riots by immigrant youths against the Danish police brutality and racism. So the first mass scale rebellion came from the immigrants in France, and now Denmark. There’s no reason

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Anti-Danish demo at Al-Azhar

Hundreds demonstrated today, at Al-Azhar Mosque, against the new Danish cartoons that insult Prophet Mohammed. Al-Masry Al-Youm reported yesterday that the Ministry of Religious Endowments, Mubarak’s arm in the religious establishment, has drafted a proposal for a new law banning demos and “gatherings” in mosques. The proposed penalties for “breaking the law” would be either

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MB spearheads Danish boycott campaign

The recent anti-Prophet cartoons by the Danish far-right assh*les is reviving the Danish products’ boycotting campaign in Egypt. The Muslim Brotherhood vehemently denounced the “insults against the Prophet,” and called for an economic boycott campaign against the products of the countries that “allow such insults.”

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