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The MOD sit-in: Sometimes with the Islamists, Never with the State

During the Monday march in solidarity with the Abbassiya detainees, a young comrade I know from Cairo University, a medical student who was among the field hospital doctors during the MOD sit-in, approached me, and told me the story of a Salafi woman in niqab, who kept on kissing the Revolutionary Socialists red flag during

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Tahrir Square

A man selling Egyptian flags in Tahrir Square on Wednesday night. Filed hospital in the square, where volunteering doctors are helping the injured.

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Talaat Harb Street

Doctors set up a makeshift hospital in Talaat Harb Street, seen the video above, as protests continued for the fifth day on the row. Protesters marching in Talaat Harb Street, chanting against Field Marshal Tantawi and SCAF…

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