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Telecommunication Revolution

In a country of roughly 85 million people, one third of whom are illiterate, you still get the following… The number of mobile phone subscriptions in Egypt grew by 22 per cent to 81.7 million users in the year to November, government figures showed on Sunday. The number of mobile phone subscriptions in October was

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Piggipedia: SS, banks, labor laws

With 11 years experience as the Head of Electronic Investigation Department at (Mubarak’s dissolved Gestapo) State Security Police, one accumulates enough experience to become a banker and an expert on labor law.

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Security Paranoia

Just a casual observation… I went today to pay my Mobinil monthly bill at their Abbas el-Akkad Street branch. The shop has been fortified with iron bars that cover the glass windows. Inside the shop, now there is an armed private security guard holding a baton, watching the customers nervously and making everyone around him

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