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Foreign Policy: Sharaf following in the footsteps of Mubarak

The military junta and Essam Sharaf‘s cabinet are continuing forward with Mubarak’s foreign policy, despite all sorts of “change” rhetoric. The Egyptian people have made it clear in Tahrir and elsewhere (and all throughout our protests and campaigns these past years) that gas supplies to the apartheid state of Israel must stop completely. The gas

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5 Petrojet workers face military tribunal

The five Petrojet workers, detained by the military police during a protest outside the oil ministry in Nasr City on Wednesday 1 June, are now undergoing a military trial. And as the military continues its crackdown on strikers, enforcing the infamous anti-strike law adopted in secret in April, the International Labor Organization has decided to

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#Jan25 Oil and gas workers on strike

Thousands of workers from several oil and gas companies are on strike, protesting in front of the Ministry of Petroleum, in Nasr City. The workers had several economic and political demands that include a halt to abusive management practices in terms of sackings, the reinstatement of the sacked workers, raising salaries that roughly average on

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