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  • Solidarity from international unions with Egypt’s political prisoners

    The following letter was sent to the Egyptian Embassy, in solidarity with our detained comrade Hisham Fouad. Also, the Global Unions Federations and the International Trade Union Confederation are calling on Sisi to order the immediate release of Ahmad Khalifa.

  • Prison propaganda video

    The Interior Ministry issued a new propaganda video, about how wonderful health care is inside prisons, that one wishes hospitals outside were as good, according to the video. This is not my sarcasm. This was literally said. The video is what one would normally expect, of shiny clinics in prisons, clean facilities, and praise showered […]

  • Socialist writer ‘disappears’ in NSS custody

    Veteran socialist writer and labor journalist, Ahmad Khalifa, has disappeared following his detention by the National Security Sector in Fayoum, on 6 January. His whereabouts remain unknown, as of time of writing.

  • NSS raid photojournalist house

    A police force from the National Security Sector raided the house of Hamdi Mukhtar, a photojournalist, in Cairo on early morning last Tuesday, said his wife. His whereabouts is still unknown.