A letter

I received this letter from a sister of an Islamist detainee, who’s been incarcerated since 1993… اعتقل أخي عبد المنعم جمال الدين عبد المنعم منيب في 21/2/1993 و كان يعمل صحفي بالقطعة بجريدة الشعب و قدم لمحاكمه عسكرية و برئته في 30/10/1993 وكان وقتها محبوس بسجن شديد الحراسة بطره.و منعت عنه الزيارة بل عن السجن …

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Journalists, detainees’ wives demonstrate in Cairo

Dozens of wives of Islamist detainees demonstrated today in front of the Lawyers’ Syndicate, Downtown Cairo, to protest their husbands continuous detention by the Interior Ministry. Some of them have been in jails without trial since the 1980s. Meanwhile, a handful of Muslim Brothers journalists demonstrated in front of the Press Syndicate, protesting the closure …

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