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Liberals for SCAF

أرفض التشكيك فى وطنية المجلس الأعلى للقوات المسلحة ومن غير المقبول أن يتحول الخلاف السياسى المشروع معه إلى دعوة لإسقاطه وتهديد استقرار الوطن — Amr Hamzawy (@HamzawyAmr) August 19, 2011 Amr Hamzawy continues to reiterate his denunciation of any calls for the overthrowing of Mubarak’s army generals, SCAF. Same goes for Sawiris and Saad Eddin

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Arab uprisings are not ‘non-violent’

As’ad Abu Khalil writes: There needs to be an article written on this. How Western liberals projected their own harmful (politically) wishes on Arab political conduct in recent months. They promoted the notion that Arab people were inspired by Gene Sharp or Martin Luther King and that they so strictly adhered to non-violence. So untrue.

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