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The Curse of the Fourth Floor

Fellow activists and citizens, Please avoid residing or visiting friends who live on the fourth floor… A court sentenced two Giza police corporals to only five years in prison for killing a plumber in Omraniya by throwing him off the fourth floor. And in Damanhour, State Security police threw Muslim Brotherhood activist Fares Barakat off

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Protests roundup

Tuesday, 7 August: Al-Masry Al-Youm is reporting that 7,000 residents from the Nasr slum, in Maadi took blocked the highroad protesting drinking water shortages. The citizens were carrying empty plastic containers. They were dispersed by the police which threatened to use live ammunition. In the evening, journalists marked the victims of torture by standing in

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Maadi garbage collectors demonstrate; El-Haram Hospital workers on strike

Dozens of Maadi garbage collectors demonstrated in front of Cairo’s Cleaning Authorities in Abassiya Square on Monday demanding their fees from the private company “Europe 2000,” which runs the garbage collection and street cleaning operation’s in Cairo’s southern upscale neigborhood. The workers told Al-Masry Al-Youm that they have not been paid since since 2004, and

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