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#Jul8 Health Ministry whips up security paranoia

The Minister of Health, whose impeachment was one of the main demands of the recent doctors strike, told the press that “240 protesters were injured” in Tahrir on Friday. This is pure lie and the field clinic set up in Tahrir denied receiving any injuries, only few cases of people passing out due to the

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The Ministry of Truth

Despite repeated promises earlier to dissolve the Information Ministry (Mubarak’s Ministry of Truth), PM Essam Sharaf re-established the ministry and brought Osama Heikal, editor of Al-Wafd to head it. Heikal had written an editorial on 24 January, one day before the outbreak of the revolution, denouncing the call for protests, asserting that “not a single

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The return of Zahi

Seriously WTF! Zahi Hawass, our bogus Indiana Jones and the Mubarak of the Archeology field, has been appointed by PM Essam Sharaf as the Minister of Antiquities.

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