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Muhammad Mahmoud St residents, shop owners bring down army wall

On 17 February 2012, the local residents and shop owners in Muhammad Mahmoud Street hired a crane on their private expense, to remove the wall erected by the Egyptian army to block protesters during the November 2011 uprising. The shop owners were not comfortable getting filmed and they asked me to stop filming, which I

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Downtown Cairo clashes

Confrontations continued on Saturday with the Interior Ministry’s Central Security Forces in Muhammad Mahmoud, Mansour and Fahmy Streets. Protests and similar clashes took place in Suez and Daqahliya. More protests are planned today Sunday.

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The November Uprising

The Egyptian revolution will not be settled in 18 days or months. It’ll take “years” for the dust to settle, may be four or five, I don’t know. There will be waves, ebbs and flows, battles to be won and others lost. This November uprising is only one chapter in the Egyptian revolution, but not

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