The almighty Israeli spies

When students and workers took to the streets in Alexandria, November 1968, denouncing the Nasserist regime, the state-run media announced the arrest of Israeli spies who were involved in the agitation for the protests (Arab Report and Record, 1-15 December 1968: 399).

My mother, who took part in the 1971-2 student protests against Sadat, recalls how the Central Security Forces were beating them with sticks while denouncing the students as “Israeli agents.”

During the 18 day uprising, a young woman journalist appeared on TV “confessing” she was trained by the Mossad to foment those “riots” in Tahrir. And of course it turned out to be a big lie.

And now, the government has announced it caught another Israeli spy gathering information about the protests and fomented chaos with the intent “of harming political, economic and social interests and negatively impacting the course of the revolution”… and “prosecutors suspect he paid protesters to cause friction with the military and to foment Muslim-Christian tensions.”

Seriously what a soap opera.

By this latest case, the Mukhabarat is trying to pull together a cheap move, so that any public criticism against the military would be depicted immediately as the work of Israeli spies. More importantly, the Mukhabarat is trying to convince the public it’s a vital agency, in charge of protecting the country from any “foreign plots”, so as not to receive the same treatment as State Security Police.

The Mukhabrrat is hardly any different from SS. It’s been involved in renditions and torture, spying on Egyptians abroad, coordinating dirty operations with the CIA and Mossad. Do Israelis have spies in Egypt? Of course. And the biggest two spies are Mubarak and Omar Suleiman. One is enjoying a five star treatment in Sharm el-Sheikh, and the other seems to be getting away with his crimes, and possibly even run for presidency!

Dear Mukhabarat, stop treating us like children. Who the hell is this Israeli super agent who will single handedly go around fomenting protests, agitating against the army in the streets and mosques? Get a life, grow up.

Egypt’s military junta supports Syrian dictator

Egypt’s foreign policy vis a vis Syria is hardly the actions of a revolutionary Egypt. It’s Tantawi’s Egypt. It’s Egypt which continues to be under the control of the Mubarak’s army generals, despite an ongoing revolt.

The first foreign visit of General Mahmoud Murad Mowafi, the new director of Egypt’s Mukhabarat, was to Syria where he conferred with Bashar, amid the latter’s crackdown on pro-democracy protests. And now Al-Masry Al-Youm reports:

Egypt is backing Syrian diplomatic efforts to block a Western-supported UN resolution condemning Damascus’s bloody crackdown on pro-democracy protesters, a human rights advocate said on Thursday.
“Egypt has introduced amendments to a proposed UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) resolution, according to which the council should not condemn the bloody governmental crackdown on peaceful protesters in Syria,” said Radwan Ziadeh, a Syrian human rights activist, via telephone from Geneva.

What a disgrace! My full solidarity goes to the Syrian people in their current revolt.

Egypt’s Mukhabarat and Syria’s Dictator

It is disgraceful that the ruling military junta in Egypt would send its new director of the Mukhabarat, General Mahmouda Murad Mowafi, to Damascus, to meet Bashar el-Assad, the Syrian dictator, to discuss security coordination, while Syria’s security forces have already started cracking down on pro-democracy protests.

My full solidarity goes to the Syrian revolutionaries. And I look forward to the dissolution of Mubarak’s Mukhabarat after we dissolved State Security Police.