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The almighty Israeli spies

When students and workers took to the streets in Alexandria, November 1968, denouncing the Nasserist regime, the state-run media announced the arrest of Israeli spies who were involved in the agitation for the protests (Arab Report and Record, 1-15 December 1968: 399). My mother, who took part in the 1971-2 student protests against Sadat, recalls

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Egypt’s military junta supports Syrian dictator

Egypt’s foreign policy vis a vis Syria is hardly the actions of a revolutionary Egypt. It’s Tantawi’s Egypt. It’s Egypt which continues to be under the control of the Mubarak’s army generals, despite an ongoing revolt. The first foreign visit of General Mahmoud Murad Mowafi, the new director of Egypt’s Mukhabarat, was to Syria where

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Egypt’s Mukhabarat and Syria’s Dictator

It is disgraceful that the ruling military junta in Egypt would send its new director of the Mukhabarat, General Mahmouda Murad Mowafi, to Damascus, to meet Bashar el-Assad, the Syrian dictator, to discuss security coordination, while Syria’s security forces have already started cracking down on pro-democracy protests. My full solidarity goes to the Syrian revolutionaries.

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