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The Brigadier

A video that was shot in June by one of the striking Petrojet workers, where Brigadier General Mamdouh Abbas of the military police is threatening the protesters with seven years in prison. Five workers were detained that day and taken to prison, before a military tribunal handed down a suspended one-year prison sentence.

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Security Paranoia

Just a casual observation… I went today to pay my Mobinil monthly bill at their Abbas el-Akkad Street branch. The shop has been fortified with iron bars that cover the glass windows. Inside the shop, now there is an armed private security guard holding a baton, watching the customers nervously and making everyone around him

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Dissolving SS through direct action

By Jody McIntyre: “The dissolving of the state security is a victory,” el-Hamalawy continues, “but it does not mean there will be no more torture in Egypt. There were many different elements of the security forces implicated in crimes under the previous regime, right down to the traffic police. The dissolving of the state security

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