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BDS Egypt launched

Activists from the Revolutionary Socialists, 6 April Youth, Ad-Dustour Party, and several other groups as well as independent figures, gathered today at Cairo’s Press Syndicate to launch BDS Egypt.

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Why Sisi fears Gaza

Sisi fears Gaza, for the same reason Mubarak did. It’s not because of the tunnels. The tunnels have always existed. They flourished only because of the Egyptian-Israeli siege. The arms do not flow into Egypt from Gaza; it’s the other way around. Not a single concrete proof was ever given by Sisi’s propagandists or the

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Protests continue in front of Israel’s embassy

Protesters chanted against SCAF and slept in front of the military armored vehicles so as to prevent them from moving, as demonstrations continue in front of the Israeli embassy in Giza, demanding the expulsion of the ambassador and severing all relations with the apartheid regime.

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