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  • Court acquits policemen of #Jan28 murder charges

    The notorious former director of security in Beheira, General Magdi Abu Qamar, whose troops massacred protesters on the Friday of Anger, 28 January 2011, has been acquitted of all murder charges, together with a number of policemen.

  • The Central Security Forces

    This (Arabic) study is one of the most accurate and detailed reports, I’ve come across, on the evolution of the Egyptian Interior Ministry’s Central Security Forces: UPDATE: I was honored to speak with the author of the study, in a Zoom meeting.

  • Piggipedia updates: Tarek Saber

    General Tarek Saber, who is wanted by the Italians on charges of involvement in the torture and murder of Giulio Regeni, has been promoted to head the Interior Ministry’s Civil Affairs Department. General Saber is a veteran of State Security Police’s Counter-Communism Bureau, charged with monitoring and smashing left-wing and labor organizations. He has personally […]

  • Piggipedia updates: Hisham El-Baradei

    Hisham El-Baradei is one of the notorious SS police officers, whose photos were found in the Nasr City SS DVDs. Until recently he headed the Interior Ministry’s Prison Department that runs Sisi’s gulag. He was transferred this week to El-Motaba’a, a logistical position in the Interior Minister’s office.