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  • Prison propaganda video

    The Interior Ministry issued a new propaganda video, about how wonderful health care is inside prisons, that one wishes hospitals outside were as good, according to the video. This is not my sarcasm. This was literally said. The video is what one would normally expect, of shiny clinics in prisons, clean facilities, and praise showered […]

  • Piggipedia updates: Hisham El-Baradei

    Hisham El-Baradei is one of the notorious SS police officers, whose photos were found in the Nasr City SS DVDs. Until recently he headed the Interior Ministry’s Prison Department that runs Sisi’s gulag. He was transferred this week to El-Motaba’a, a logistical position in the Interior Minister’s office.

  • 5-Star Prison

    A dozen prisoners kept in a facility designed to lock 3,000 prisoners, with a gym, spa, pool tables→ That’s how the Mubaraks, killer cops and corrupt NDP officials spent their prison time. Compare that to the dismal conditions our comrades are kept in!

  • Stand with jailed activists who fought for Egyptian workers’ rights

    Ten years after the Egyptian revolution shook the world, a vicious military regime has detained tens of thousands without trial in dire conditions. This briefing for trade union activists highlights the cases of six socialist activists who are currently detained on spurious charges. They include journalists, a public transport worker, lawyers and a human rights […]