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‘People are hungry’: Why Tunisia’s youth are taking to the streets

Unemployment – especially among the young – falling living standards and lockdowns have sparked riots across the cradle of the Arab Spring, reports the Guardian. I have said it numerous times, and people usually get upset: The revolution in Tunisia has failed (co-opted). Yes, they didn’t witness massacres (thankfully) like Egypt, Syria and elsewhere. They

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Industrial action updates

During the last quarter of 2020 in Egypt: Seventy three different protests, ranging from sit-ins, strikes, protest vigils, suicide cases, blocking off roads, collective complaints, and trade union movements, have been monitored by ANHRI during the last three months of the year (October, November and December).

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Protesters in Tunisia clash with police for third night

Via France 24: Clashes broke out for a third consecutive night on Sunday in several Tunisian cities, pitting stone-throwing youths against security forces despite a tight lockdown to curb the spread of coronavirus.In the working-class neighbourhood of Ettadhamen on the edge of the capital Tunis, young men hurled rocks at riot police who responded with

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