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Anti-Zionism, Anti-Imperialism and the #Jan25 revolution

Some DC pundits have been repeatedly on satellite TV stations claiming the Egyptian revolution had nothing to do with Israel or the US. Some even go as far as claiming this was “purely an internal affair.” Those self described “ME experts” tend to neither know a word of Arabic nor visited Tahrir Square during the

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#Jan25 The General

The Army’s Central Zone Commander, General Hassan el-Ruweini, showed up yesterday in Tahrir trying to assert the military would meet the revolution’s demands. Protesters kept shouting calling for the continuation of protests till the regime falls, and called for shutting down the stock market.

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#Jan25 Friday of Anger كوبري الجلاء

Video taken by Gigi, on the Friday of Anger, as Giza demonstrators took over Galaa Bridge, following a bloody battle with the police. The officers escaped and left the conscripts behind. Some revolutionaries volunteered to form human chains around the CSF trucks, to protect the conscripts from the wrath of the protesters.

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