Resources on the Revolutionary Socialists

Resisting vote-rigging

Workers For Change are holding a meeting at the Center for Socialist Studies, tomorrow Friday 6pm, on how to resist vote rigging in the coming Labor Unions elections. The Center is located 7 Murad Street, Giza.

The Muslim Brotherhood: A socialist view

Socialist activist Sameh Naguib’s booklet on the Muslim Brothers is available now online. The booklet is in Arabic, and provides a Marxist analysis of Egypt’s largest Islamist opposition group, and outlines the Socialist strategy vis a vis it. A must read.

Dozens demonstrate against Mubarak’s ruling party congress

Few dozens assembled with difficulty in Tahrir Square, under immense security presence, to demonstrate against Mubarak’s National Democratic Party’s congress that’s starting tomorrow. The sit in, organized by Kefaya, should have lasted till the following day, as the ambitious organizers of the event were hoping. However the heavy police presence that prevented groups of demonstrators …

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