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Workers on the doorstep of the presidential palace

Not a single day that passes since his inauguration without labor protests in front of the presidential palace still primarily over economic demands, yet they start wading into clear political lines when the enemies include NDP businessmen and officials. One group of workers come to protest, meet Morsi, some leave after promises, others continue to

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Good ol’ Badri is back… with Shafiq this time

Adel el-Badri strikes again… This time he’s outright supporting General Ahmad Shafiq, the counterrevolution’s presidential candidate. Meanwhile, Badri is still quoted by journalists and Western scholars as a “trade unionist”, rather than his real truth: an opportunist imposter with corrupt politics, whose “union” does not have any presence on the ground whatsoever.

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The MOD sit-in: Sometimes with the Islamists, Never with the State

During the Monday march in solidarity with the Abbassiya detainees, a young comrade I know from Cairo University, a medical student who was among the field hospital doctors during the MOD sit-in, approached me, and told me the story of a Salafi woman in niqab, who kept on kissing the Revolutionary Socialists red flag during

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