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Egypt marks May Day

Tomorrow, we celebrate May Day in Tahrir Square. It’ll be probably the first real celebration of that event since 1951. The July 1952 coup which brought Nasser to power had inaugurated its rule with the execution of two communist workers in Kafr el-Dawar textile mill, Khamis and el-Baqri. May Days under Nasser, Sadat and Mubarak

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#Jan25 15/2/2011 Violence erupts at union protest

Around 100 independent trade unionists, on 15 February, held a protest in front of the headquarters of the state-backed Egyptian Federation of Trade Unions, denouncing its corrupt president Hussein Megawer, an NDP businessman close to the Mubarak’s clique. The protesters tried to enter the lobby of the building peacefully, only to be met with glass

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