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UK firm offered spying software to Egyptian SS

Gamma International’s Finfisher program would have enabled government spies to monitor activists and censor websites, according to documents obtained by activists after storming State Security Police headquarters in Nasr City: One of the papers, in English and headed Finfisher Proposal: Commercial Offer, contained an offer dated 29 June 2010 to provide “FinSpy” software, hardware, installation

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Art and #Jan25 revolution

Check out this set of paintings by Daisy Rockwell, inspired by the Egyptian revolution. The painting above is based on a photo I took during the storming of Nasr City State Security Police headquarters.

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Dissolving SS through direct action

By Jody McIntyre: “The dissolving of the state security is a victory,” el-Hamalawy continues, “but it does not mean there will be no more torture in Egypt. There were many different elements of the security forces implicated in crimes under the previous regime, right down to the traffic police. The dissolving of the state security

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