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Anti-govt protests continue

Thousands have started flocking to Tahrir since the morning, as anti-government protests continue in Cairo, Suez and elsewhere. In Alexandria, mass protests are taking place now in front of the Security Directorate, denouncing the interior ministry, calling for the prosecution of police torturers and demanding impeaching Khaled Gharraba and minister Mansour el-Essawi. Striking workers from

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Islamists… Which side are you on?

The Islamist forces, without exception, are now against the sit-ins in Tahrir, Suez, Alexandria and elsewhere in the country. And I mean here the Muslim Brotherhood, Salafis, Gamaa Islamiya and even the pathetic intellectuals of the “moderate” Wassat Party. All are singing praise of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (read: Mubarak’s army generals),

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