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“There’s no place for racism in Metal”

Mikael Stanne, the lead singer from the pioneering Swedish Melodic Death Metal band, Dark Tranquillity, denounces racism and extends his solidarity to refugees. DT has been one of my most favorite metal bands since the 1990s. Please support their music.

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Solidarity from Sweden

Solidarity statement with Egypt’s workers and free unions: On June 8, the Egyptian transitional government announced its intention to enforce a ban on strikes and protests that “obstruct the work of public institutions” or harm “national unity, societal peace or public order”, penalizing those who participate in such actions with a fine of 30.000 –

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Superfast broadband to all

I envy the Swedes, Finns, and Swiss. It’s a pity Nazif’s “e-government” can’t follow suit. Anyways, I shouldn’t be ambitious. The NDP can’t even run trains.

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