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  • Egypt independent trade unions endorse BDS

    Press release: London 2 July 2011 Representative of the Egyptian Independent Union Federation: “We call on the global trade union movement to cut links with the Histadrut and to support the Palestinian Trade Union Coalition for BDS”. Kamal Abu Aita, representative of the Egyptian Independent Union Federation (EIUF) which was recently formed in Tahrir Square […]

  • Statement – Egyptian Trade Unionists: Declaration of Independence / BDS

    Statement: Egyptian Independent Union Federation 28 June 2011 In light of the growing controversy about the independent trade unions and malicious accusations and allegations aimed at undermining the Egyptian workers’ movement and the trade unions which it created, we, the representatives of the independent unions, are signing this statement of the fundamental principles on which […]

  • #Jan25 15/2/2011 Violence erupts at union protest

    Around 100 independent trade unionists, on 15 February, held a protest in front of the headquarters of the state-backed Egyptian Federation of Trade Unions, denouncing its corrupt president Hussein Megawer, an NDP businessman close to the Mubarak’s clique. The protesters tried to enter the lobby of the building peacefully, only to be met with glass […]

  • Workers strike for minimum wage and independent unions