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Port Said police torture

Videogate continues. Two new video clips have surfaced online, purportedly showing a detainee being tortured in Port Said’s Dawahi Police Station, by Officer Muhammad Abu Ghazala the station’s Chief of Criminal Investigations.

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The return of the rapist

Despite the Interior Ministry’s denial, it seems after all that police rapist and mentally unstable sadist Islam Nabih will be reinstated, and assigned to the Assiut Security Directorate. Political activists in the Upper Egyptian province have already started mobilizing against the Interior Ministry’s move.

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Bulaq police rapist released, reinstated!

Police Captain Islam Nabih, the pig who sodomized microbus driver Emad Kabeer, has been released from “prison” after he completed three quarters of his three-year sentence, on grounds of “good conduct.” And, instead of discharging him from the police force he’s been reinstated! The Interior Ministry is assigning him to the Assiut Security Directorate!

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